ANT Logistics has become one of the leading companies in the automotive logistics sector thanks to the vast expertise of its management team which took over the company in 2008 with a limited customer portfolio and truck fleet. Throughout this period, the company has reached a young and modern fleet of self-owned 100 trucks and expanded its customer network covering major OEMs, car distributors and rental companies. In addition, the company has started to run its Bonded-Unbonded Auto Warehouse under advanced physical conditions and has been meeting all types of requirements in the auto logistics sector.


Based on the strategic growth plans of the management team, ANT has first penetrated the transit trade market flowing over Turkey to neighboring countries such as Georgia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Armenia. With this vision, the company established strong customer networks in the surrounding regions, which led to 60-70 % market share as well as a very strong brand image and recognition. Throughout this time, ANT has improved its fleet with the cutting edge technology trucks and high loading factor trailers. Moreover, the company follows the recent technological developments in the logistics sector continuously and makes them available to its customers.


Believing in the importance of long-term customer relations and the power of high-quality service, ANT approaches all kinds of automotive logistics tasks wih a perfectionist attitude. As a matter of fact, the company owes its continuous growth and trusthworty supplier image to its customer-oriented philosophy.